Your Total Joint Team is comprised of your surgeon, physician assistants (PA), team nurses and practice managers. These individuals will assist your surgeon with your surgery and care throughout your experience before and after surgery with your Care Partner. Our staff and surgeons pride themselves on delivering individualized care to each and every patient. 
Hospitalists are physicians or advanced practice clinicians (Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners) dedicated to delivering comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients. These individuals will help coordinate your clinical care and communication with all care providers during your stay.
Qualified nurses will care for you throughout your hospital stay. We encourage you and your Care Partner to ask questions or express any concerns you have with your nurses.
The Acute Pain Service Team is comprised of anesthesiologists and nurse practitioners who will assist you with your pain control. This Team uses multiple interventions will be utilized for pain management, including nerve blocks, medication, ice, rest, and elevation.
A team of physical and occupational therapists will work with you immediately after surgery to focus on mobility, strengthening exercises and home preparation. The therapy team will determine your need for using assistive devices for mobility and or tools to help you at home with activities of daily living.
Case Managers help coordinate and arrange discharge plans after your surgery. They will work with you and your Care Partner regarding any services or questions you may have to achieve your goal of wellness and independence.

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