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Medical Resources

Vail Health Hospital understands that being a patient, caregiver or family member can generate a myriad of questions and information needs. Answers, invaluable information and assistance can be found at the Educational Resource Library at Shaw Cancer Center, Kimberly's Corner inside Vail Health Hospital, or the online Vail Health Library composed of medical resources, research, and articles.


Family members or friends who become caregivers of a loved one with cancer take on an incredibly important role that can be overwhelming. It's important that the caregivers learn about the disease, treatments, healing process and coping mechanisms.
The professionals at Shaw Cancer Center understand the responsibilities and anxieties of cancer caregivers, and are available to answer questions and provide support for caregivers in their new role. By addressing questions on coping with cancer, selecting the right treatment plans and providing the best care and support for your loved one, Shaw provides a complete healing regimen that includes educating and supporting the cancer caregivers while providing quality care for the cancer patient.

Cancer Resources

If someone you love is facing cancer, you probably have a lot of questions about diagnosis, treatment and coping with the daily challenges cancer can bring. We encourage you to attend our support groups, classes and events. In addition, following are some trusted resources on coping and death, dying and hospice. More links to helpful resources can be found on our Online Resources page. The Vail Health Educational Resource Library at Shaw Cancer Center carries a large lending collection of books and audiovisual materials, as well as more than 300 journal subscriptions. In addition to patient resources, caregivers and family members can find a wealth of invaluable information particular to their role in the cancer journey. 

Hospice & Home Care of the Valley provides care to individuals who are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness who have a prognosis of six months or less to live. Visit their website at Alpine Home Health & Hospice is located in Glenwood Springs - information at (970) 945-2838. In addition, following are general resources on death, dying and hospice care.

Medical Libraries

Located in the atrium of the Vail Health Hospital, Kimberly's Corner is a patient resource center, as well as a place for patients, guests and employees to relax. The resource center features a peaceful décor and provides computers and select books and journals.
Welcome to the Vail Health Library — an online medical resource library for patients and staff. You can find databases, electronic journals, and evidence-based medicine resources all in one place and search them at the same time. When you click on the Vail Health Library link and begin your search, the search results populate based on relevancy ranking.

Directions for using the Vail Health Library
  • Access to the library is granted ONLY when using the wifi network on any Vail Health campus.
  • Search for resources and direct access to full text and articles.
  • Request access to articles that are not accessible for your desktop.

MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's website for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, it provides information on diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.