Car Seat Checks
Vail Health's nationally certified child passenger safety technician and instructor is on staff and able to provide education on how to correctly install a child's car seat into any vehicle and answer questions you may have. Please call 970-477-5166 to schedule an appointment. 
Eagle County Paramedics offers Car Seat Inspections the first Tuesday of each month from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment at the Eagle County Paramedics Edwards Station, located behind the Post Office in Edwards. Call 970-926-5270 for more information.

For additional resources visit Colorado Department of Transportation.


  • Birth to 1 year old and less than 20 lbs: Rear-facing seat, in the back seat only (no exceptions). While this is the law in Co, most experts recommend keeping your child in a rear-facing seat until 2 years old.
  • You should never place a rear-facing child seat in the front seat of a vehicle with an active airbag; this includes single-cab pickup trucks.
  • 1 through 3 years old and at least 20 lbs: Forward-facing seat in the back seat of the vehicle.
  • Your child should remain in the forward-facing seat only until they reach the upper weight limit set by the car seat manufacturer.
  • 4 through 7 years old: Booster seat.
  • Beginning at 8 years old: Standard vehicle safety belt.
  • While CO law allows children to use a standard seat belt at 8 years old, it is recommended that you wait until your child is at least 4 ft 9 inches before transitioning to a seat belt, so as to avoid injury in case of an accident.
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