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MISSION: Vail Health will provide superior health services with compassion and exceptional outcomes.

VISION: Vail Health will continue its development as an independent, nonprofit health care system, providing superior health services aligned to the needs of Eagle County residents and visitors, world-renowned orthopaedic services, regional cancer services and emergency services. Vail Health will integrate and align service offerings with our physician partners to maximize:
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to patient needs, including preventive health services
  • Excellence in specialized care supported by comprehensive research and education
  • Continuous quality improvement through investment in technology, facilities and staff development
Vail Health will provide these services in an environment that enables and supports trust and respect.
VALUES:  Vail Health staff are committed to living the following values in service of our patients and each other: Compassion, Integrity, Stewardship, Teamwork, Safety, and Excellence.
These values make up Vail Health's "6 Peaks of Excellence", which provide a foundation for setting organizational goals and direction for service excellence, quality and operational distinction. They also provide consistency and focus over time, allowing Vail Health to stay on course and remain passionate about our vision.
Under each Peak, we establish goals to ensure a framework for consistent planning and performance. Each Peak impacts another, creating a better overall outcome and an extraordinary organization. 
Vail Health takes pride in providing excellence in health care science, safety and service to our patients, families and communities in their time of need. In addition, Vail Health emphasizes and supports research and educational opportunities that enhance our employee and physician ability to deliver a full spectrum of high-quality health care services.