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Thos Evans, MD

VVSC Medical Director, Orthopaedic Interventionalist of Spine & Joint, Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Anesthesiologist
Specialties Pain Management
Contact (970) 476-1100
Languages English


Medical School: University of Vermont Medical School
Residency: University of Colorado | University of Washington
Fellowship: University of Colorado
Board Certification: American Board of Anesthiology


Interventional pain, Stem Cell and PRP therapy
Dr. Thos A. Evans practices comprehensive pain management for a full spectrum of pain conditions, utilizing physical and psychological therapy, as well as medication management when appropriate. His focus is primarily diagnostic and he performs therapeutic procedures to reduce pain and restore function as necessary. Additionally, he uses regenerative medicine to optimize his patients' healing and recovery.
Dr. Evans' specialty is treating spine related pain of the low back and neck. He is well versed in managing headaches, chronic migraines; atypical facial pain, abdominal and pelvic pain, and all forms of joint pain. His goal for his patients is to get them back to pain free activity.
Dr. Evans grew up in the mountains of Colorado and enjoys skiing, hockey and kite surfing. He graduated magna cum laude from CU Boulder with a BS degree in Physiology; he then continued his education at the University of Vermont Medical School where he received his medical degree. After completing an internship and an Anesthesia residency at the University of Colorado in Denver he practiced at the Vail Valley Medical Center as an Anesthesiologist between 2004 and 2011. Between December 2011 and the present he moved his practice to Denver and completed a one year fellowship in Interventional Pain Management at the University of Colorado Denver. He also trained directly under Dr. Rob Wright, one of the pioneers in interventional pain management, and he serves as traveling physician with the US Ski Team.