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Vail Health's Commitment to Community Health

Vail Health’s mission is to provide superior health services with compassion and exceptional outcomes. Guided by this mission and a vision for community health and well-being, we conduct a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years. CHNAs are one way we monitor health status across Eagle County and identify emerging health concerns through statistical data and community feedback. A key component of the CHNA is stakeholder input, which allows us to hear directly from local residents about health concerns and make recommendations to improve community health.

The 2022 Vail Health CHNA Report outlines findings from our most recent assessment and highlights strengths and opportunities across Vail Health’s service areas. The findings will be used to guide future initiatives at Vail Health, as well as serve as a community resource for grant-making, advocacy and to support the many programs provided by our community health and social service partners. Vail Health’s implementation plan is focused on increasing access to affordable, comprehensive, quality care; improving availability and delivery of behavioral health care; preventing and managing chronic disease; and improving health equity for underserved populations.

To learn more about Vail Health’s work to improve the health of our community, or to receive a printed copy of the CHNA, contact Vail Health’s Director of Quality Amy Lavigne at

Learn more about how Vail Health has completed all state requirements for the 2021 Community Health Benefit Accountability (pdf).