Power cot

New technology advances emergency care 

Transporting injured skiers to the ED is safer, thanks to you.  

Imagine. Your leg’s broken. You’re strapped to a ski patrol sled in the back of an SUV. When you get to the hospital, the sled’s pushed onto a wooden platform in the parking lot. Still outside, you’re moved to a stretcher. Finally, you’re wheeled into the Emergency Department.

Because of our benefactors, injured skiers won’t have to endure this ordeal any longer. Your gifts purchased four Stryker Power-Pro Cot and Power Load systems. This system makes traveling to the ED safer and more comfortable.    

Philanthropy enhances patient experience

An injured skier can now be moved from the ski patrol sled at the mountain to the Power Cot, which is wheeled directly into the ED.  This eliminates multiple transfers. 

The system also provides greater safety, securing patients to the cot and in the vehicle. There’s no more jostling, causing further damage. And since the cot goes directly from the van to the ED, there’s little exposure to the weather. 

New equipment saves backs

The new system also benefits staff. The old transport method required EMTs to pull and push the sled out of the SUV. They had to lift the combined weight of the patient and sled, risking back injury. 

Now with a push of a button, they can raise and lower the cot. And the system’s hydraulics let them load and unload the cot from the SUV without straining their backs. 

You help provide free service

In addition to receiving great care, injured skiers are transported to the ED free of charge. This eliminates a costly ambulance bill. Last year, our EMTs transported over 1,000 patients.

Vail Health has offered this complimentary service for more than 25 years. It’s the only hospital in the country to provide free transport.

“We’re proud of this unique service,” says Sarah Drew, RN, director of Emergency Services.  “Now with the Power Cot and Load system, we’re able to provide even better emergency care for our patients.”