Helping local families manage medical costs  

With your support, patients in need can get financial assistance.  

“Thank you for saving my family. I was losing my mind over finances. I’m able to breathe again and be happy thanks to all your help.” 

These heartfelt words were expressed by Enrique Meza. His wife, Elsa, is a patient at Shaw Cancer Center and received financial aid through Vail Health’s assistance programs. 

Vail Health’s programs help Eagle County residents who seek care when misfortune leaves them without health insurance. 

For example, local patients can receive a 75 percent discount at our Urgent Care clinics when they don’t have insurance and can demonstrate financial need. 
“We’ve structured our prices at our Urgent Care clinics to make medical care more affordable for Eagle County residents who don’t have insurance,” says Harold Dupper, Vail Health’s chief financial officer.

Providing more community support
The hospital also provides local patients financial aid through our charity care program. To qualify, patients’ household income must be less than 350 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $25,100 for a single-person household.  

The qualifying income level increases with the number of household members. For example, a local family of four qualifies when their income is below $87,850. 

Enrique’s gratitude for Vail Health’s financial assistance is evident. He says, “You guys mean the world to us and always will.”