Carolina Botero story

Life-changing care in Vail 

Thanks to you and Howard Head, Carolina Botero returns to running after four hip surgeries. 

Even as a child, Carolina Botero knew she wanted to be a dentist. But her dream was cut short when hip pain forced her to leave her residency. 
She had surgery to repair torn cartilage in her hip joint, close to her Florida home. But the pain persisted. So eight months later, she was back in the OR.  
This wasn’t the end of Carolina’s pain. Doctors said her only recourse was hip replacement. Not good news at the age of 26. 

“I thought I’d never walk again without a replacement,” Carolina says. 
Then she heard about the world-class orthopaedic care in Vail.  

Vail move brings renewed hope

Carolina moved to Vail in 2016 for hip surgery at Vail Health Hospital. This was followed by physical therapy at Howard Head Sports Medicine.
“My therapists were amazing,” Carolina says. “They treated my whole person, not just my hip. They explained everything throughout my therapy and were always encouraging.” 

Howard Head provides unequaled rehab

During recovery, Carolina returned to Florida and continued rehab there. Back in Vail six weeks later,  her progress had taken a backslide.  

“I was actually worse,” she says. “Therapists elsewhere aren’t used to working with athletes. They just don’t have the knowledge of sports injuries Howard Head does.”

Care only available in Vail

Even with successful labrum repair and extensive PT, Carolina’s  hip was still unstable. Her anatomy predisposes her to  injury. 
To stabilize her hip, Vail surgeons reinforced all the ligaments in the joint. Now her risk of reinjury is almost nil. 
Carolina has been  off crutches for nearly a year. Best of all, she’s returned to the activities she loves—pain free.
“Moving to Vail was the best thing that could have happened to me. I give Howard Head a 10 out of 10.”