Vail Health Facility & Service Updates

Vail Health Facility & Service Updates


EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 8, 2021 UPDATED VISITATION POLICY: For the safety of our patients, providers, and staff, one visitor per patient for the duration of the patient's stay.

  • This applies to all departments within Vail Health Hospital. In addition,
    • This does not include the Shaw Cancer Center and Howard Head locations
    • This does include VVSC-Edwards.
  • Patients with overnight stays will be asked to designate a visitor, and that visitor will be permitted to come and go from the facility to visit with the patient.
    • We are not permitting multiple individuals to visit a patient throughout their stay, even if they come one at a time.
    • This process will be managed by individual units
    • Visitor hours in inpatient locations will be 7am-6pm to align with door hours. Overnight visitation processes will be communicated with unit staff as applicable
  • Visitors must stay with their patient.
    • They are free to visit the East Wing lobby or Cafe for refreshments, but they must otherwise remain with the patient.
    • We are not encouraging visitors to come to the facility to spend extended periods of time in the lobbies.
  • Visitors accompanying patients for surgery may stay with the patient pre- and post-operatively.
    • Visitors should be encouraged to leave the building if possible during the procedure.
    • If they must stay, they can remain in the lobby and common areas so long as there is sufficient space for appropriate physical distancing.
  • All visitors are expected to be educated on and adhere to the existing screening requirements specific to COVID-19.
    • They will be educated to these expectations upon their first visit by either Unit staff, Concierge, or pre-surgical planning (as applicable).
    • Refer to existing screening requirements on current policy:

Exceptions to the visitor policy:
  • End-of-life exception on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Family Birth Center  
  • We ask all patients and visitors to wear their own personal masks into our health care facilities to help protect you, our patients, and staff during your visit. Any type of medical or cloth mask from home is fine. All visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 before being allowed to enter. If a visitor shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be allowed to enter the building unless they are seeking care.
  • Patients with disabilities may have specific needs for support persons or specialized services including communication assistance. If you need any of these services, please notify your nurse, your provider, or admissions.

Please follow these guidelines at all times:
  • Do not visit if you are sick
  • Wash your hands when entering the hospital and use sanitizer frequently
  • Limit movement throughout the facility
  • Wear a mask when in the facility (available at the concierge desk)


Vail Health is suspending the use of nitrous during labor during the COVID outbreak. 

  • Limited to one visitor or support person
  • Siblings of baby/children of patient are allowed 
  • Doula’s are not allowed
  • Patients in the Nursery are allowed two parents or guardians
  • Patients may not switch out their visitor   
  • All visitors must be screened and asymptomatic for COVID-19 to enter the Family Birth Center.


Vail Valley Surgery Centers are now open to non-essential elective surgeries. In an effort to protect our patients, community and staff, we have updated our visitor policy. For surgical procedures, patients' designated ride/care provider will now only be allowed to enter the building when the patient is ready to be sent home. Only one adult per patient will be allowed. For minor procedures, including pain injections and GI endoscopy, no visitors will be allowed to enter (patient drop off and pick up only). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Vail Health is requiring all patients and employees entering either Vail Health Hospital, Colorado Mountain Medical, Vail Health Clinics or Shaw Cancer Center to wear medical masks or face cloth coverings. 

As a precautionary measure, Vail Health is verbally screening all patients and visitors for respiratory illness prior to entrance into Vail Health Hospital. A trained staff member screens those entering the facility, and anyone who has respiratory symptoms and is not seeking care in the Emergency Department is asked to return to their place of residence and call their healthcare provider. Patients with respiratory symptoms or fever who are requesting emergency care are provided a mask and directed to the ED isolation trailer.

Effective October 8: Remedies cafe will be strictly serving to-go items until further notice.


Protecting our Shaw Cancer Center patients, who experience weaker immunity to virus and disease because of treatment, against coronavirus (COVID-19) is our top priority at Shaw. The following precautions and safety measures are in effect at the Edwards campus: Vail Health is requiring all patients and employees entering either Vail Health Hospital, Colorado Mountain Medical, Vail Health Clinics or Shaw Cancer Center to wear medical masks or face cloth coverings. Anyone who has respiratory symptoms will be asked to return to their place of residence and call their healthcare provider or Eagle County Public Health. In addition, there will be the following dedicated entrances to the facility:
  • DOOR A - East entrance – Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical clinics
  • DOOR B - North entrance – Sonnenalp Breast Imaging Center
  • DOOR C - West entrance – Shaw patients only
  • Pharmacy patients: Please wear a mask when picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. Curbside pick-up is available at the North entrance upon request. Prescription delivery is available to patients for $15 fee for patients experiencing respiratory illness.
  • Effective October 8: Shaw cafe will be strictly serving to-go items until further notice.
  • When inside the Shaw Pavilion, please continue to wear your mask, exercise hand hygiene, and exercise physical distancing. 


  • All in-person appointments are being scheduled. 


  • All in-person appointments are being scheduled. 
  • Group performance training programs are available with proper social distancing measures.