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Shaw Outreach Team

Mission: As ambassadors of Shaw Cancer Center, we support the care and comfort of cancer patients and their families. 
The Shaw Outreach Team (SOT) is a volunteer organization that supports the patients and programs of Shaw Cancer Center and Jack's Place, a cancer caring lodge.
Thanks to the generosity and vision of many, the SOT was responsible for raising the funds to plan, build and furnish Jack’s Place. Their recent goal is to grow an endowment to a level that will assure Jack’s Place continuance in the future and make rooms free to all those who need to stay during their cancer care.
In addition, the SOT has raised significant funds to bring a PET/CT scanner, Biopsy Tissue Analyzer, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) Linear Accelerator, and most recently, an Automated Breast Ultrasound System, to patients at Shaw.
The Shaw Outreach Team remains dedicated to assuring the continued excellence of Jack’s Place and Shaw Cancer Center.
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