Erin Perejda, LCSW  
Look Good, Feel Better
Look Good, Feel Better is a program run by the American Cancer Society that is offered to cancer patients to honor and recognize the challenges associated with the change in appearance while undergoing treatment. The Shaw Cancer Center is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society to assist with bringing this program to patients treated at our facility. The program is held at Jack’s Place every other month from 2:00-4:00pm.
Expressive Arts Classes
Led by local art teacher, Sam Mizwicki, patients are invited to explore expressive arts, a discipline that utilizes art to promote healing and change. Classes are offered once per month at various times/dates.  
Spirit of Survival/Survivorship Events
The Shaw Cancer Center values, honors, and celebrates survivorship. It is an achievement that is deserving of recognition . Our facility is privileged to be able to offer survivorship events that are hosted once per month.  The time and location of each event varies.  During these events, survivors are able to share comradery, inspiration, and genuine fun.  Please contact Erin Perejda at 970-569-7606 or erin.perejda@vailhealth.org for further information or to be added to the monthly email list.